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Commercial Roofer

On this image you see our latest project of commercial roof replacement. Our commercial roofer in Albany and his team worked on this 3000 square feet roof. The image shows flat roof. The project was completed in 3 days. Image was taking in March, 2021

As expert commercial roofers, many clients often ask us about the best types of commercial roofing for their business. We cannot blame them. Maintaining commercial roofing is essential to their livelihood like residential roofing is to homeowners. Undoubtedly, the roof is a critical part of the structure, being exposed to extreme weather and other natural elements that contribute to deterioration, leading to increased damage to the roof and its contents below.


Are you a commercial property owner looking for reliable and experienced commercial roofer? At Roofers Albany, NY Pros, we are committed to honest and world-class customer service. From start to finish, we will guide you all the way to help you understand the process better.


Types of Commercial Roofing Materials




This type of roofing is very popular for commercial business owners because there are various commercial metal roofing materials that they can choose from, including:


●      Lead

●      Corrugated galvanized steel

●      Metal tile sheets

●      Aggregates of zinc, silicon-coated steel, and aluminum

●      Copper

●      Aluminum

●      Stainless steel

●      Stone-coated steel

●      Tin




Also called BUR, this is your standard tar-and-gravel roof that’s built with multiple layers or piles. It’s a flexible type of roof because the number of layers can be varied to help control costs and/or meet certain durability requirements that may need to be addressed. It’s an old, old low-slope roofing system and is one of the least expensive and tough roping types available these days.




As professional commercial roofing contractors, we will recommend what’s best for your needs. But it doesn’t mean we won’t listen to you because understanding our clients is one of our principles.


Did you know that this type of commercial roofing material is lightweight, highly reflective, and provides excellent weathering and resistance to UV light, tears or punctures, and most chemicals such as animal fats, oils, and bacterial growth? This type of roofing is ideal for restaurants and other businesses that emit oil or fats from their ventilation system. Another benefit is its tolerance for high temperature and high resistance to fire and high winds.




As expert roofers in Albany who have worked in the field for a long time, it is probably safe to say that green roofs are the most versatile type of commercial roof these days. Though they’ve only become popular lately, they are indeed one of the most sustainable options for commercial businesses and properties. The best advantage that you can experience if you choose this type is their ability to protect your property from the elements while managing drainage, water, and energy efficiency. They are also beautiful to look at, and they’re sustainable and environmentally-friendly.


If you’re considering this type of roof for your business, our roofing contractors Albany, NY area, are the best workers for this type of job. Call us now!




Our commercial roofing contractors Albany NY specialists are versatile and don’t compromise quality. This type of commercial roofing is cut and installed like that of BUR membranes. They are generally fastened to commercial rooftops as two-ply systems and attached to the roofing deck for protection and stability. The best thing about these roofings is that they can be maintained through annual inspections and cleaning. If you are in the business where you anticipate many activities on your building roof, this type is ideal.

No matter what type of commercial roof you need to repair or replace, our commercial roofer Albany NY specialist will advise you on all of the options available for you project. Our commercial roofer have years of experience in the roofing industry and our teams are ready to get going on your next roof project.

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