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Flat Roof

Flat Roof Albany NY

Are you looking for roofers in Albany for your roofing needs? At Roofers Albany, NY Pros, experience and quality matter. Whether it’s flat roof replacement, flat roof repair, flat roof construction, or flat roof skylight installation, we can deal with all your flat roofing needs! Our highly-trained and multi-skilled roofing contractors Albany, NY team, have the best solutions for your roofing problems.


Planning on having a residential flat roof construction? We can handle that, too. Come to us for a roof done right!


When Do You Need a Flat Roof Repair


A leaky flat roof can be extremely frustrating because it could affect the overall integrity of your property. While all roof leaks are problematic, a leak in your roof can be complicated and turn into a major disaster. The last thing that you don’t want is to ignore these leaks and delay a flat roof repair. Get in touch with us now!


Sometimes you need a flat roof repair even if there’s no visible leak. Take a quick look from the outside and watch out for these signs:


●      Mold growth. Mold needs water to thrive. If you see a mold, there must be a leak somewhere.

●      Bubbling interior walls. You can see water spots along the line of the ceiling. Often, bubbling interior walls is a sign of a serious roof leak.

●      Water spots. If you see discolored spots on the ceiling, inspect your roof and look for more serious problems.

●      Physical signs. Do you see cracked, damaged, or missing tiles? Chances are, you need a quick fix because these are signs of severe weakness in your roof.


Flat Roof Replacement


Are you ready to replace your roof? Usually, you don’t make this decision because you want to, but you need to. Minor issues can be managed through repairs. But if your roof has extensive damage, replacement is definitely a more cost-effective option. When to know if you need a flat roof replacement?


●      Damaged top coat. If you continuously hear a fluttering sound coming from your roof on windy days, your top coat could be damaged.


●      Flashing. As the temperature and weather change, flat roofs with asphalt contract and expand. If left unfixed, these events will cause the flashing to pull away from the edges and corners of the roof, resulting in trapped moisture and leaks appearing on your ceiling. This will eventually deteriorate your roof’s flashing, forcing you to replace it.


●      Organic growth. You may think that lichens, moss, and algae are not big problems. However, any organic growth is an indication of unwanted water retention, which needs attention. If left untreated, this can lead to extreme damage to your property.


●      Moisture and leaks. One of the drawbacks of flat roofs is leaks and moisture. Because water doesn’t have anywhere to go but evaporate, the moisture can seep into the roof membrane, leading to more serious problems like mold and fungus. If these aren’t caught early, a replacement may be the best solution.


●      Water pooling. Pooling water can result in cracks. Although flat roofs are designed to stand water, leaving it without draining can seep into the roof’s layers, eventually damaging the roof’s surface and shortening its lifespan.


Crack, tears, and splits. Leaving a crack, tear, or a split on a flat roof for too long will make the plyboard or chipboard absorb water. If the damage is minor, you can go for a repair. But if you see cracks and splits across the whole roof, then it’s best to have it replaced.

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