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Residential Roofers

On this image you see a residential roofer in Albany working on our client's home. The house located in Albany NY and was built in 1040. The roof needed to be completely replaced. The image was taken in April 2021

Nowadays, DIYs are getting popular. But when it comes to your residential roof, you don’t want to risk everything on your own. Whether it is a repair, replacement, or installation, it is best to hire professional residential roofers like us. Your roof protects the entire house, including your belongings and family. This is why any roofing work should be handled by experts. At Roofers Albany, NY Pros, we guarantee 100% satisfaction because we do detailed work like none!


Not long ago, there were limited options for residential roofing. Thankfully these days, advanced technology allows an unprecedented range of alternatives, including designs, shapes, and colors for every homeowner’s desired look. Here are nine different types of materials you can consider for your roofing needs:


●      Solar tiles

●      Asphalt shingles

●      Metal roofing

●      Stone-coated steel

●      Slate

●      Rubber slate

●      Clay and concrete tiles

●      Built-up roofing

●      Green roofs


Why Choose Roofers Albany, NY Pros


We Are Certified Roofers in Albany


We are licensed and insured who follow standards and regulations to ensure the quality of our work. Also, we have a track record of competent business practices and fiscal responsibility. So, if you’re looking for reliable and honest roofers near you, contact us now because your roof needs us!


We Are Experts


We take pride in our roofing contractors Albany, NY team, who are highly-trained and experienced. As a leading and most trusted residential roofing company in New York, we provide world-class residential roofing services. True to our commitment to deliver results within your budget and expected time frame, we utilize only state-of-the-art technology.


We Utilize Top-Quality Materials at an Affordable cost

As leading residential roofers in the industry for a long time, we have built solid relationships with suppliers to get materials at a lower price. Also, we have in-depth knowledge about the materials, so we know best what suits your needs. Some homeowners think doing the job on their own can save them money from hiring professional roofers. However, this may be a bad idea because roofing is a difficult task. It can even pose a danger to your life if you don’t have the proper training.


We Offer Options According to Your Budget


For homeowners who are tight on their budget, we provide three-tab roofing shingles, while architectural shingles or dimensional shingles are a better option for a more high-end look at a higher price.


We offer a warranty


A legitimate residential roofing company provides a warranty. We are confident of our workmanship quality, which is why we offer a warranty in case of installation failure. Careless and lazy contractors may improperly install your roof leading to repairs or a complete roof replacement.


Enhanced safety


One of the most significant benefits of hiring professional roofers like us is your family’s safety. As a roofing company with a passion for making roofs, we not only stop seeking innovative and up-to-date practices in the industry, but we also invest in proper safety gear to achieve customer satisfaction. With our services, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your roof was made by professionals.

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